Undoubtedly the best after dinner speaker in Scotland

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Humorous, thought prevoking, inspirational and relevant to the work place


Motivational Presentations

Within the educational environment, Willie used a variety of management techniques to utilise individual department members’ strengths; achieving positive results.

A deep understanding of the needs and demands of his pupils’ and the daily challenges that they faced, allowed him to achieve healthy working relationships with the youngsters in his care. His motivational presentations explain the benefits of a sympathetic client-centred approach.

Learn about the 3 R’s:

  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Reason

Effective communication lies at the centre of his presentations. His anecdotes, whether true or apocryphal, focus on the need for a variety of communication techniques in the business world

It was your motivational session which proved to be the highlight of the evening and provided us all with much to think and indeed laugh about. Your views on personal discipline, people management skills, leadership and motivation in the workplace were particularly interesting and valuable to us all.

Bob Clark
Director and General Manager
Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd

Willie Allan smiling in a suit